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I find it easier the tune from a rich condition and lean it until it starts acting up, then go back a little.
I was trying to do that actually, but I still didn't go rich enough, LOL. It's very close now, so a couple more adjustments with cold starts should take care of it. Thanks for your help.

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In post #2, I stated, "The Base Fuel Table must first be well tuned, before any modifier tables."
That's the way I was doing it Danny. That's one of the reasons I was hesitant to add enrichment fuel. With the factory PCM it went into Closed Loop very quick after a start (1.0 Lambda/14.1), so I didn't understand why I would need the extra fuel with the Holley EFI, but it does.
I reset the table three times to verify fueling. At full temp it idles around 5.99 in gear and around 5.20 out of gear. So I set those cells about 2-3% below that target and allow no negative Learn correction. It can go positive 6% in Learn, which basically allows it to center itself. CL has the ability to go above & below 10%. This seems to be working very well. Thanks again!