Hi! I'm having problems with my Pro-Jection unit. Had it installed almost ten years ago but wasn't happy with how it ran and subsequently lost interest in the car. While this is an original Pro-Jection TB EFI unit I did get a newer EPROM and even upgraded the throttle body to use the later Delphi injectors.
Well, finally managed to find a working laptop computer capable of running Windows XP and connected it.

My neighbors always used to complain when I did take the car out for a short run and it actually set off the CO alarm every time. Never really understood why since the ECU should take care of that, or so I thought. Gas mileage was dire though at around 5 mpg for city driving (costly too at 6 $ a gallon).
Last week I hooked up an exhaust gas analyzer and it turned out I was emitting 15% CO! So my idle mixture is somewhere around 10 AFR. Not good at all.

Turned out the O2 sensor isn't doing much really:

I don't understand what's happening here. Obviously the sensor is registering the mixture correctly, but the ECU just keeps injecting fuel without taking notice.