Is there a Holley Dual Sync Distributor available for your Jeep engine? Watch the YouTube Tech video for more Sniper information.

FYI: Holley EFI now sells their own Dual Sync Hall-Effect distributors (LINK).
They're a small cap design, "plug & play" with Holley EFI, and no need for a modified Firing Order.
The crank & cam sensor signals also provide sequential injection capability (MPFI applications).
It's "plug & play" (into the 10-pin ignition connector on the EFI Main Harness) and requires a CD
ignition box (Instructions). The MSD 6201 Digital 6A CDI box & 8253 HVC-2 coil are a great match.
The MSD CD ignition box is wired as shown in the Holley EFI Wiring Manual: (Holley EFI Wiring Manual - Figure 11, Page 20) (Holley EFI Dual Sync Distributor - YouTube Tech Video)
A blank cap (LINK) is available, if the user decides to convert to Coil-Near-Plug/DIS later (no CDI box).
Of course, this component can also be used as a crank and/or cam sync/oil pump drive unit.

The Custom Ignition Parameters (in System Parameters) for the Holley EFI Dual Sync Distributor:
Ignition Type ............. ― "Custom"
Crank Sensor Type ..... ― "1 Pulse/Fire"
Sensor Type .............. ― "Digital Falling"
Inductive Delay .......... ― "100.0 usec" ( Synchronization info, adjusted per application.)
Ignition Reference Angle ― "50°" ( Inherent rotor-phasing of this unit.)
Cam Sensor Type ........ ― "Single Pulse" ( "Not Used" for TBI, unless CNP ignition.)
Sensor Type .............. ― "Digital Falling"
Output Setup Type ..... ― "Points Output" ( CDI box ground trigger.)
Dwell Time ................. ― "2.0 msec" ( Do not set this to 1.5 msec!)