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    I've been having some issues with my Sniper ever since I bought it. Had a faulty WBO2 sensor and temp sensor out of the box. Along with a few other issues I sorted out my system was running sweet, until recently.

    I was having an issue with fuel starvation (I thought it was). I ran out of fuel one night and I believe I sucked some crap up from my tank. So I checked the filters and cleaned them, and it ran well for a few days. It started again, so I removed & cleaned the surge tank. Again ran OK then started again.

    I drove it a few days with the fault and carefully monitored the handheld data when it happens. The WBO2 sensor reads lean at 14.8 to 15.8 at all engine speeds & vacuum readings. The fuel flow & duty cycle sky rocket under acceleration and the engine misses. Eventually it clears and drives sweet. My fuel pressure gauge also drops pressure below 60 psi, so I thought somethings caught in the pump and replaced it cleaned the filters again etc.

    To my disgust it still continued, so I cracked it and against my better judgment opened the Sniper unit up to remove & clean the injectors. So once off it revealed the two tiny injectors on each side (most likely motorcycle injectors, I think Harley Davidson style from research). And behold LOSE injector plugs barely sitting in the injector socket. This is where I get disappointed with the quality of the injectors & plugs. It's pretty crappy, there's a comparison picture of two plugs, you can see the pins are in different places on the plugs, but both injectors & sockets are identical. To cut a long story short, I secured the clips on the plugs with some cable ties and reassembled it all, primed the system and ran the Wizard. It drove home really well and I'll know more by the end of the week. It's my daily, so I get a lot of test time.
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    Just an FYI: That is a Standard Injector & Injector Connector. (EV14 Compact with a USCAR Connector.) A large portion of newer vehicles today use that style of Injector & Connector.
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    Thanks for the info & pics Matt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S2H View Post
    Just an FYI: That is a Standard Injector & Injector Connector. (EV14 Compact with a USCAR Connector.) A large portion of newer vehicles today use that style of Injector & Connector.
    We don't see these injector connectors here in Australia, majority are Bosch style connectors. Also, the physical size of the injector is about half that of a car injector, it only measures about 50mm (2") long.

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    Thanks for cracking it open, so I don't have to (yet). Here's another popular TBI injector, looks similar? Just a standard compact injector style.

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