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Thread: Holley Sniper Throttle Body on a LS1/LS6 intake.

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    Default Holley Sniper Throttle Body on a LS1/LS6 intake.

    I have a low mile stock LS1 engine I'm retrofitting into my 1971 Camaro. I plan on keeping my Terminator LS system to control everything. Intake is a LS6 intake and I'm planning on retaining drive by cable. I want to put on a new throttle body and there are very slim pickings on what's out there for a 78 mm 3 bolt intake. Everything is mostly 4 bolt and 92 mm or bigger.

    Having said that, I was looking at a the Sniper EFI 86001 Throttle body. It's a 92mm 4 bolt piece. From a technical perspective, if I use the appropriate 92 mm to 78 mm spacer adapter to put this throttle body on my intake, would that pose any driveability issues having the larger throttle body opening? At this point the intake would be the bottle neck. If it's going to cause idle or other issues trying to match these parts, I'm going to try and find a smaller throttle body instead.

    I want to reiterate, I'm not looking for more power by going to a bigger throttle body. I'm just trying use what's on the market for my application.
    BTW, I've been "Googling" & researching this for days and led to this post. The information is all over the place and I can't nail down a definite answer. Thanks again.
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    Did you look at something like this:

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    Yeah, I'm eyeballing a Professional Products version of that right now; that's going to be my last resort.

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    Why not use a stock LS1 three bolt TB? Like from a 2002 Camaro: Andrew

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    If those were actually still for sale, I would buy one in a heartbeat. The only reason I'm looking is because I want a brand new throttle body and the clean new look that comes with it. I like to show my car and little details make a difference. I know it's kind of anal, but I guess I could try restoring the one I have.

    Glad you posted that. I was able to start cross-referencing and finding these still being sold new. Thanks again.

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    Default has them in stock.

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    Ah OK, I see that now. I was leaving work when I seen your post, and I tried to add to my cart to see a price, had to back track and got it now. Thanks again for the link, it helps a ton.

    OK just ordered it, thanks again.

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