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Thread: Sniper ECU is not updating while car is running.

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    Default Sniper ECU is not updating while car is running.

    I installed the Sniper EFI software in my laptop and have been doing all changes from there through the SD card. Now when I load the new Config File to the ECU and it shows on the screen, I start the car and make some idle adjustments after it passes 160°F. The car enters Learning mode at 160°F. Also, I start a datalog and it won't run while car is running, so I figured maybe I'm supposed to start it before I start the car. After a few tries it started datalogging, had about 3MB of data, so I hit Stop Log, shut engine down and load the SD card to the software and the datalog shows 0KB and software crashes every time I try to open them. Then I check what changes the ECU has, and I'm back with the original Config. What I'm I doing wrong?

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    Default (Sniper EFI Datalogging Tech Video)
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    I've seen that video a hundred times making sure I'm not missing anything, and still the same problem. I also read the EFI software guide and nothing.

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    In my experience, when someone has a problem with the handheld display, it's usually an RFI problem. The display cable is not shielded, so if you run it near the spark plug wires you will have some issues.
    Try re-routing the display cable as far away from the distributor, coil, spark plug wires & alternator as possible. Then see if you still have an issue. Let us know how it works out for you. :-)
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    I did that and it helped with my datalogging issue. With the ECU it was that I wasn't uploading the ECU back to the SD card. I don't remember reading about it anywhere, so I called tech support.

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