I just thought I'd mention that we are keeping the Molex MizuP25 pins & connectors in stock for the Sniper EFI 3.5" display and CAN-To-USB conversion harness. In the event you melt one or otherwise manage to break one of these (not terribly hard) then we can usually repair it for you. I'm not opposed to selling just the connectors & pins, but crimping AWG 22 pins is incredibly difficult without the right crimper, and those get pretty pricey. I'm not sure we're going to add these to the website, but as with anything, if you need it just let me know. :-D

Of course, if you use one of these 4-foot SNIPER Can Bus Extension Harness so that you're connecting & disconnecting your CAN Bus devices inside the cab, instead of under the hood that will help prevent broken connectors. ;-)