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Thread: Sniper EFI Replacement Part Numbers

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    Default Sniper EFI Replacement Part Numbers

    Replacement Part Numbers for Sniper EFI:
    553-115 Sniper EFI 3.5" LCD Handheld
    558-490 7-Pin Main Sniper EFI Harness
    558-491 10-Pin Sniper EFI Harness
    556-150 Sniper EFI Coil Driver
    543-105 Sniper EFI Idle Air Control Motor (IAC)
    12-878 Sniper EFI Built in Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Sniper EFI Optional Accessories:
    558-443 Sniper EFI CAN Bus To USB Adapter
    558-493 Sniper EFI to Holley Dual Sync Distributor Harness

    Oxygen Sensor Bungs:
    71014301-RHKR 3.00" Clamp on Oxygen Sensor Bung
    71014302-RHKR 2.50" Clamp on Oxygen Sensor Bung
    71014303-RHKR 2.25" Clamp on Oxygen Sensor Bung
    OXY018ERL Weld in Oxygen Sensor Bung

    Serviceable Sensors:
    543-111 Sniper EFI TPS Sensor
    543-120 Sniper EFI Coolant Temp Sensor
    554-155 Sniper EFI Oxygen Sensor

    Adding An Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge:
    100187ERL Oil Filled 0-100 PSI Gauge
    AT100199ERL -6AN Gauge Adapter

    Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
    Sniper EFI Replacement Sensors - Auto Parts Store
    CTS Sensor: Standard Motor Products TX3
    TPS Sensor: Standard Motor Products TH191
    IAC Motor: Standard Motor Products AC416
    WBO2 Sensor: Bosch 17025, 0258017025 (LINK/LINK/LINK/LINK)
    (The Sniper EFI 2 bar MAP sensor is internal with the ECU.
    The Sniper EFI IAT sensor is a circuit board sensor that measures one throttle bore.)
    Innovate Motorsports HBX-1 Heat-Sink Bung Extender is great for protecting the WBO2. (Sniper EFI Service Components)
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