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Thread: Touchscreen Mounting Options

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    Default Touchscreen Mounting Options

    Looking for ideas/pictures of how everyone has mounted the small touchscreen that comes with the unit. Links to products you used would be helpful.

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    I just used a simple cell phone holder available at most phone shops at the local mall.

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    Same here. Works great and is easily removed if need be.

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    They're bad pictures, but here's my Digital Dash & 3.5" TSLCD:
    They're mounted on a tripod I made using a PanaVise swivel pedestal (LINK).
    The 3.5" TSLCD mounting bracket is a simple flat sheet of stainless steel.
    It has a section cut & bent 90° to form a mounting tab with a bolt hole.
    The mounting bracket is adhered to the back of the plastic sleeve
    with 3M/Scotch 'Permanent Outdoor Mounting Tape' (thin, dark gray,
    double-sided, foam tape). It's very strong stuff (5lb hold version).
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    Tucked away in the center console:
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    I had something similar to rel3rd's, but mine had a long rubber coated metal neck that I trimmed down & JB Welded it back on. In the summer heat, the neck would twist. I just switched over to a Nato Mount that is magnetic, swivels, and is sturdy.
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    This is what I came up with for mounting my touchscreen. It's in a 1979 Trans Am. I'm not sure how that image got posted sideways.
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    I don't keep the touchscreen out all the time. When I want to keep an eye on things, I pull it out of the glove box, turn around my swiveling ash tray, and stick the touchscreen case to it via the cell phone magnet kit I used. Keeps it secured very well, but there's nothing in sight when I don't want it out.
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    +1. I use the round magnet setup. I actually put the steel plates in my cell phone case as well so I can mount my cell phones as well.

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    Originally that was my plan as well, but there is not enough clearance if I attached the magnet to the back of the ashtray for it to swivel open and closed. So I had to attach the magnet to the touch screen holder/case. Works great, just doesn't provide the dual benefit of being a holder for the cell phone as well.

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