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    Over the weekend I finally completed the installation of my Sniper Master kit and Holley Dual Sync Distributor. Was somewhat of an uphill battle. First the three month wait for it to arrive, then no fuel pump fittings in the unopened package (of course they are a special thread), which my dealer made good and sent me fittings. Then a delay due to a gallbladder attack & removal. So I go through the quick start instructions, startup Wizard, flush out the fuel line into a clean jug, by cycling the ignition switch several times to make sure there is no debris, hook up the fuel line and am ready for the first start. Engine started within a few revolutions, but was running very rough. Went to check/set timing and notice one of the barrels blowing/dumping fuel out the top!. Shut the engine down and installed a pressure gauge on fuel line. Started motor just to check pressure, all good at 60 psi. So while waiting for today so I could call tech support, I did some searching for videos and noticed that my unit was not shipped with caps on the inlet and return fittings. So I'm thinking some of that black foam particles got into the inlet connection. So it's on its way back to Holley to get repaired. Things can only get better, right?
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    Well, that's all unfortunate. I had my share of Holley issues also, but they fixed it all just cost me time. I actually replaced my fuel pump fittings with Walbro thread to -6AN, and I run the last filter right before the inlet to the Sniper, as I was afraid any little debris would clog an injector. It was all worth the effort IMO, the truck now just fires up & purrs. I hope they get you setup fast. Any issues shipping a TBI with the residual fuel and or smell?
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    No issues yet with shipping. I wrapped it pretty good with plastic and two shipping boxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieberM View Post
    Over the weekend I finally completed the installation of my Sniper Master kit and Holley Dual Sync Distributor. Was somewhat of an uphill battle.
    I hope you have a better experience with Holley's repair service than I did. My unit worked flawlessly for six weeks and then began having problems. Holley Tech had me perform a couple of tests and determined the unit should be returned for further analysis. Holley determined the ECU needed replacing and they performed the repair. When I shipped the unit to Holley, I packaged it in the original Sniper container and then placed that container inside another box with bubble wrap cushioning. When I received the unit from Holley, it was returned in the original Sniper container with both the top & bottom of the container open; the packing tape had ruptured. Really poor packaging by the Holley shipping department. Also, the throttle lever was bent inward toward the throttle body about 15° from vertical and after reinstalling the unit on the engine I discovered the IAC motor/valve was malfunctioning; it worked perfectly before Holley touched it. A couple of communications with Holley Tech proved worthless; no explanations. Another interesting aspect of the repair is when I did the initial setup; the Wizard would randomly skip input screens. It took four tries to get all the required information into the system; this didn't happen when the unit was new.

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    Finally got the Sniper back from Holley on Friday. I also got the extension harness for the display. After finding the fuel inlet fitting was leaking, went to the local speed shop and got both male & female fittings. All good now. Got the timing locked in and even a short road test in between thunderstorms. If this works out well, one will be going on the '67 GTO and the '68 Firebird.

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    I'm curious to know which injector was stuck open. I just had another customer with this issue. It was his right-front barrel.
    I would presume that the location of the injector is totally random, but if it's not, then that's a clue to an entirely different problem.
    BTW, it does put an amazing amount of fuel out, does it not? ;-)
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    Mine was the rear passenger side injector. Yeah, until I figured out what was happening. Thinking I had an electrical or timing issue, my engine oil was completely diluted! Not to mention the fireball that flew out of the valve cover breather when checking spark!

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    I seem to also have a stuck injector on a brand new setup. Are these injectors replaceable with a quality set?

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    Since they're not on the website, contact Holley Tech Service (LINK).
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