Background: Build was started ten years ago (when everything was purchased) and customer passed away mid build. I got car back six months ago to finish up. Down to tuning it, so it can leave and been fighting the tune for a couple days. I'm reading as much on here and haven't really gotten anywhere. All of the Terminator systems we've done have gone great, this not so much.

Engine is GM Fast Burn 385 (stroker based on ZZ4 with aluminum heads etc.), Holley Commander with Stealth Ram intake, Holley distributor, timing is synced at 18°, fuel pressure is 44 psi, unsure on the injectors, I thought they came with intake, but everything I have searched on them says they could be various rates.

Basic issue is seems like always have to flood start the car, and runs extremely rich. Sometimes the car will fire right up & run great (various temps), majority of time need to flood start or feather throttle to start resulting in lots of black smoke from being so rich. I've used base maps for the ZZ4 with Stealth Ram intake, SBC383 multi-port 25 & 30 lb/hr injectors and a couple others to no avail.

With one of the maps had it running and went through the fuel map and changed cells until it was bouncing between 95-103, but rarely showed Green in the upper window, mainly red & yellow. I shut it down and wouldn't startup, so pulled fuel where the red indicator was and that seemed to help some, but not all the time. Replaced plugs and WBO2 sensor since car had been running so rich, and went back to the unaltered map and the indicator was showing green more, but was at 85% so car was pulling at least 15% fuel.

Let it sit over weekend, went out and it fired up and ran great, shut it down and tried again and had to flood start it again.
Has to be something simple I'm missing, done a few EFI conversions, but mainly simple self-tuning/learning ones, never have had to start from scratch. Getting to the point where it's going to be cheaper to change out then ECU/harness for something else than keep putting time into getting this right.