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Thread: Solving RF Interference Issues in Sniper EFI Installations

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    OK after shorting my excess wires, looming my plug wires and adding ferrite beads, engine finally seems back to normal. I hope I've eliminated the FRI and/or EMI noise I had. If someone could please look at my datalog and share there thoughts, it'd be greatly appreciated. And thanks for all the input and help.

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    Looks good! You do have some random spots with no data for .1 second, but other than that, it's looking strong. Those data point losses could be from going through the menus on the handheld while datalogging, but I haven't seen that myself.

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    OK good, now I can finalize my wiring and thanks. And yes, I was going through the menu on the handheld, can you post how and where I can seen the RFI noise on my datalogs? So I can look for this myself as I start finalizing my wiring.

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    All you have to do is right click in the graph area and select "Mark Data Points" and you will see a dot at each data point recorded. Do this with your datalogs and you'll be amazed how bad some can be.

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