I will explain what I have, so hopefully you understand, and can tell me exactly what I need. I have a new 467 CI built by Mark Jones at Vortecpro.com. The engine have approximately 9.2:1 compression. It has a mild hydraulic flat tappet cam. The heads are peanut port heads, but before you laugh, Mark has made a business out of porting the heads to flow great. It was dynoed at 526 HP. I know I'm crazy, but my dream has always been to have a blower sticking out of the hood. I do not race the car, but I do get on it now & then on the street. From what I have researched, I believe 4-6 pounds of boost would be great for a cruiser, and still add more HP. So now the 64 million dollar questions. What do I need? I like the 6-71, the way it looks. Is that too much? Can it pull 5 pounds of boost? Also, will this work with my setup? I would like to bolt on the blower & go. I really don't want to replace the pistons, cam, etc. Any help you can provide, and what parts I need would be appreciated. Thank you.