I've got a 427 BBC with Brodix Race Rite heads, Edelbrock RPM, headers, Comp Cam 11443-8 hydraulic roller, 750 DP. My timing is correct at 37° at 3000 RPM. now my trouble: I've tried everything I know of to lean this thing out at idle. I'm getting around 4 MPG and the exhaust at idle is pig rich. I've changed the oil three times in 1100 miles to keep it fresh and keep it unsaturated with gas. I'm running about 6-7 inHg of vacuum at idle with a 2.5 PV. I've tried everything I know to fix this problem and I've run out of ideas. I have no leaks. #70 jets up front and #80s in the rear. I cannot see gas dripping in any of the venturis, so I believe it's idling off the idle circuit. My transfer slots are perfect. I'm gonna throw this carb off the bridge if I can't fix it. Anyone?