Hello all. I have a 750 DP on a Chevy 350 330 HP crate motor. I know too big and will run rich. Well it's what I have and I'm trying to lean it out at idle.
I've drilled & tapped the IFRs to .028" and I'm still having the rich condition. Well it's not as bad, but still rich and giving me a terrible stumble off idle.
I purchased new MSD wires, Autolite plugs and a D.U.I. distributor. Timing is set to 12° and the vacuum advance is unplugged for now.
I'd like to drill & tap the transfer slot feed and I'm not sure what it is stock. My goal is to drill & tap everything needed to be able to adjust this carb to work on the street.
The car does have 2.73 gears and a stock turbo 350 converter. I would like to get it running better before I swap in 3.73 posi and a T56.
Any help with the stock sizes for the orifices or tuning information would be great.
P.S. I have Dave Emanual's book and adjusted the carb with 64 primary jets. Weird thing is the PVCR was already about .050".
Thank you for any help, Bill