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Thread: High Fuel PSI

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    Funny the regulator in the Sniper EFI appears to be the same replaceable regulator as the one in the remote regulator/filter 12-875 I used. That cleared up my high PSI issue, so the cover problem makes sense. I was actually not going to be comfortable leaving the problem unresolved, even if I do have a work around. I like to have zero issues down the road for others, if I ever sell this or just get old and forget that the filter/regulator was installed as a band-aid, LOL. P.S. When I had high psi, I still had flow from the return. As a mater of fact even with the problem resolved, the flow from my remote regulator looks about the same.
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    Challenge them on the cover. Better yet, I will copy & paste the reply from Holley Tech.

    "Hi Andy. Rufus reached out to me about a customer you are having a fuel pressure issue with on a Sniper unit. This is something we have seen and it is an easy fix. I have the parts to fix the issue, I just need to know what color Sniper unit he has. It’s not a widespread problem, but the remedy is replacing the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel outlet cover. I can either send the parts to you directly to supply your customer, or I can send them directly to the customer. Please let me know how I can get your customer taken care of.
    Ron T"
    Ron Turransky
    Holley Technical Support/Sales
    1801 Russellville Rd.
    Bowling Green KY 42101

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    I just got off the phone with Jeff Teel at Holley.
    They said the cover is not the problem and some of the regulators had issues, and that's all they'll send.
    And I have to provide proof of purchase despite having registered the warranty.
    So make sure you guys scan the invoice in some place safe.
    P.S. I just sent that info about the cover to Jeff to research, thanks for that.
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    Additional info from discussion:
    "Hey Gary. Apparently it’s a machining error in the cover that damages/effects the regulator function. And it’s not so much an error as they didn’t properly check or spec the clearance. Which is why some units in the same batch are fine, and others are FUBAR. And that makes sense to me because I know we have at least one gold unit from that batch in service without the problem, and we sold all of them. Yours was the first time I heard about it (which still sucks). The issue will apparently present itself immediately on startup or it won’t."

    They feel that it’s a rare enough issue that they are not preparing a service kit (as in they won’t even SELL me spare regulator covers) at this time. While I am sure there are complaints online, people that successfully installed them don’t generally search out forums to post that something worked as it should.

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    Well the regulator cover has a solid rubber bumper in the center that seats the regulator, so if anything was
    too long, it would just be the bumper and that could be fixed easily, but I didn't see any damage on my regulator.

    I there is also a small screen just before the regulator, and while I didn't find any trash on it, there seemed to be a film on it that once I cleaned
    off the filter seemed to flow water as before it wouldn't. I will say I bet a lot of folks will strip out the tiny Allen heads trying to service the regulator.

    The Allen size is small and the threadlocker they used is strong, not like you can use heat either.
    I used my electric 1/4 impact driver to get them out safely, but I took my Sniper off the vehicle to do it.

    I won't likely be reporting anymore about this, since I found two bent pushrods.
    I'm going to stick to the external regulator and remove the regulator from the Sniper anyway.

    Pictures of the regulator cover and center rubber regulator retainer:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When I put the second one in, I almost got rid of the screen. The open area of the screen can act as an orifice and may be restricting the flow enough to have an effect on the fuel pressure. I think I will pull it out this weekend and see what change it makes. I have a little bigger pump than the kit comes with, and the pressure drop across the screen may be the restriction, keeping mine up above the 60 psi. I did air check the unit when I installed the new regulator and it did seem to flow less air than I thought it should. This may be a combination issue with flow through the screen and the regulator problems. Jimmy

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    I have my regulator out and when I depress the check valve off the seat, I was thinking it did not move much. So I'm wondering if the regulator is dented and restricting flow? I'll compare it to my new regulator when Holley ships it to me. I'm not to sure the fine mesh screen is needed either.

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    The one I got looked just like the one I pulled out. I setup a line off a regulator to the inlet and slowly ran it up. Used that to test it before I put it back on. Jimmy

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    Did a manifold swap to an open plenum Super Victor yesterday, and while I had the throttle body off, pulled the fuel pressure regulator & removed the screen. I did a fuel pressure check when it went back together, and the regulator sat dead on 65 psi. That's about a 20 psi change over the last test when the new regulator went in. This may cure a good bit of the fuel pressure regulator issues. Jimmy

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    IF the Sniper's fuel pressure regulator won't regulate to the proper 58.5-60 psi (for whatever reason), you have the option to remove the FPR insert (LINK - retain o-ring), and install a remote mounted FPR (LINK). I realize this shouldn't be necessary, but I'm mentioning it only because consistent fuel pressure is paramount to proper EFI operation.
    May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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