Hi everyone. I'm running a 0-4777 650 carb on a Chevy Crate 602 motor at my local short track. I've been watching some tuning videos on YouTube & Summit Racing and a lot of them are more geared to street driving. I did see on one of the Summit Videos that for oval racing you should set the fuel level in the bowl a bit higher than at the bottom of the sight hole. Is that accurate? It seems to make logical sense with fuel sloshing to the right in left turns. I was wondering if there were some special tips for choosing Power Valves that differ from the Holley-Suggested Idle Vacuum divided by 2. Furthermore, while tuning the Jets, is it more efficient to use an Air/Fuel Mixture gauge or even an Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge (I'm a pilot and that's how we set our mixture in the cockpit in order to set lean the the motor in order to produce max HP). Thanks in advance, Scott Bolster