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Thread: Sniper intermittently cutting out, new install.

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    Nickn, have you taken a datalog to see what your ECU is seeing? I have a post going over my experience with your type of issue. Here's a link:!-EMI-amp-RFI

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    I have not, but I will. I’m also going to try to set the timing one more time. It feels like it floods when this happens, but I’ll update you soon on this.

    So I redid the timing with the Holley dual sync distributor, set the cranking timing at 200 RPM, @ 15°. You have to do this on the PC, save it & reinsert the SD card in the handheld. I started it up, go it between 12° & 15° on idle and with Static Timing Set was able to rev up in between 12° & 15°. I took it for a HARD drive, burnouts pulling 80 MPH and had ZERO issues, except it died on me once after sitting at a stop light for five minutes. I went to take off and it died, it started right back up then ran great after that. I took a datalog, but it may not have saved the date. It says 2011, so I'm not sure it saved it, as I didn't hit stop datalog, I turned off the car. So my issue was watching one video that says set it at 15° at idle and another video that says 15° at cranking. Hope this helps anyone.

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    Wondering if you figured out what was causing this? I'm running into the same thing without timing control.

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    I'm experiencing the same symptoms as Nickn described. Installed the Holley Sniper and dual sync distributor. Using a coil with the Holley coil driver. Idled fine in the garage, but when I finally finished the rest of the project and took the car for a drive it started cutting out after 1/8 mile. Seems to get worse the longer it is driven at one time. Made an interesting discover last night though. The car runs well without the cutting out issue if I remove the air cleaner. Found that with the car sitting in the garage idling nicely the engine with die when I place the air cleaner base on top of the throttle body. The air cleaner base is for a standard 14" round air cleaner. It only touches the ring at the top of the throttle body. Did this three times is a row, so feel I ruled out coincidence. This seem interesting, but not sure yet what it means. I have the starting timing set at 15°. Is this the same as the 200 RPM cranking that Nickn mentioned?

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    Take a look at this forum: Holley Sniper EFI cutting out with Cobra air cleaner. Someone was having a similar problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dstolp View Post
    The car runs well without the cutting out issue if I remove the air cleaner.
    People have reported issues with RF interference and the air cleaner:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devo898 View Post
    Wondering if you figured out what was causing this? I'm running into the same thing without timing control.
    Mine was the MSD Pro Billet distributor. I changed to a Dual Sync Hall-Effect distributor & all the crazy things mine was doing were gone. Still have a timing jumping intermittently to WOT timing setting after cranking for 3-4 revolutions, but have not had time to address that yet. Other than that, it runs great. RFI from the magnetic pickup was the culprit for my original symptoms.

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    Bryaneh, thanks for the link to the EMI article. I'm going to check my alternator and the ground between the battery and the engine, and engine to body tomorrow. If this doesn't turn up anything, I'll check my spark plug wires. I emailed the Holley Tech Wednesday and haven't heard anything back yet, so thanks for the suggestions.

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