Hi all. I have an NOS 8 Fogger Sportsman system with a NOS Progressive Launcher, and also a bottle heater. I've wired everything up, except for the relay trigger cable. I bought two Holley 554-111 high current nitrous solenoid drivers, one for each pair of solenoids. The power is connected to both relays with their output wires connected to the solenoids.

Now the NOS controller instructions say to connect the earth side of the solenoids to the heavy blue wire on the control module. But because I'm now using the 3 wire relays which have a negative trigger wire, should I connect the relay black/yellow trigger wire to the heavy blue cable of the control module? Then allowing the controller to modulate the solid state relays on & off driving the solenoids, which would then be just grounded to the chassis? If this isn't correct, exactly where should I join the black/yellow trigger to the NOS Launcher? Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.