Can the ECU be programed to use a single 670 CFM Holley 2V throttle body? I have that mounted now & working an analog Pro-Jection, but looking to upgrade for some future mods I have planned that will be dual 2V throttle bodies or a single 4V one.

UPDATE: After seeing one pop up on eBay that was supposedly using a single 2V Holley throttle body, I dug deeper. It turns out it was a factory option for the C950. P/N 950-19S & 950-20S The 19 was the 400 cfm version and the 20 is the 670 cfm version. I already have a 4V throttle body from a Avenger system headed to the house (700 cfm unit), so I still may try this one first. The only pictures I have seen of these units, all the 2V throttle bodies have the newer injectors only. I'm still researching though the web archive and have downloaded a manual last night.