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I went for a test drive around the block less than a mile.
Highly unlikely it has even Learned anything, since in a mile it more than likely never went over 160°F to get to that point to even start the process.

Like someone else said, it'd take a whole lot of fuel to wash out the rings, a LOT! Enough that the car would barely be able to even run, if at all. I had an oxygen sensor fail, giving the Sniper a bogus reading of 34.5:1 AFR, so it was dumping fuel badly, and I had no choice but to drive it back to the garage. Other than a much needed oil change from being contaminated, it didn't seem to hurt a thing. If the throttle body dumped enough fuel to ruin your rings, I'd bet money the car would barely even run and would be belching black smoke out. I know mine was, and it's still running great after a WBO2 sensor replacement.