I am defeated. I started having symptoms of my ignition module failing, and after pulling off the old one, I realized that the connections from the pickup to the module were very rusted. So I just bought a new pickup & module, reinstalled in it the car and fires right up. Much better than before, and throttle feels way smoother. After letting it warm up, I noticed it had a bit more surge at idle than usual, but it didn't really bug me. Go driving, car is running better than ever. Get back home, park it, and turn it off. When I turn it off, there's a incredibly loud buzzing sound coming from the distributor that was not there before the module replacement. The loud buzzing goes away after a relay kicks off inside the car, 4-5ish seconds. Thought that was weird and went to the parts store to get another ignition module, and it's doing the exact same thing.