This is a new build that I just got running. It shifts just fine part throttle, but will not shift under full throttle. Part throttle goes up & down through the gears with no issues, including OD & TCC lock and unlock. Full throttle it seems like the computer is commanding the shift, but the transmission does not come out of 1st, and it hits the rev limiter. Once I back off it will go ahead & shift.

The details of the build are:
55 Chevy 210
6.0 LQ9
2004 4L80E
Holley Dominator ECU
Borg S480 turbo
3.55 gears in the 9"
28" tall Hoosier quick time pro tires

Am I reading the datalog correctly? It is commanding the shift where it shows 2nd gear right? The shift point set at 6400, but the RPM never drops and it quickly hits the rev limiter at 7K. Speed when it hits the limiter is 59 MPH, so with my gearing that's telling me it is not getting out of 1st gear, even though the log shows the trans should be in 2nd.