I am part way through a rebuild of a 4160 (750CFM) Holley and during my inspection of the disassembled and cleaned parts I came to notice that one of the ears on my throttle body had been over torqued and is bent/cracked. It also seems that the shafts have a bit too much play to be comfortable putting them back in (even if I could get the plate square again).

SO, my question is this: How do I make sure to identify and purchase the correct throttle body / plate / shaft assembly? The ID number on the plate is 12R-4770B and the butterflies have "172" stamped on them. I measure the bore diameter to be 1 5/8"(doesn't seem to be a standard size?). Vacuum secondary. From searching the internet I believe the replacement is the 112-117, but I would like to verify this prior to purchase.

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Any help pointing to a resource that can guide me to the correct purchase is greatly appreciated!