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    Hello. Decided to be my own Santa this year and purchased this for a future project. I am quite disappointed on the quality of the polishing job on the blower case. As you can see from the attached pictures, there is still heavy pitting areas in the case and overall it has a dull finish.

    While it might be possible to clean up the finish, it would be a much larger effort to remove the pitting, essentially one would have to send it to a shop to have it re-polished.

    Has anyone experience the same poor quality? Would it be worth the effort to return it for a different one?

    I don't blame Summit, in fact they did a great job of shipping it to me in two days and I appreciated the free shipping.

    But, I would caution anyone who is considering purchasing one that, if you thinking that $2,900+ will get you a show quality 6-71 Blower you will be disappointed. You might want to consider purchasing your blower from someone else that Holly, perhaps from BDS or Dyers. CrewCab_Daddy

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    That is just a poor casting job. Send that back to Summit. They will take it back no questions asked. Call Summit, send picture, and have them pull another one. I can only imagine that is just poor QA. I would hope that is just a one off and not the norm for Holley. I promise if that was for a magazine build or high end builder they wouldn't have sent that to them.

    It wouldn't surprise me if that bad of casting leaked air. I bought a pair of Chevrolet valve covers for my big block through Summit, that had some way smaller pitting then yours on the "CHEVROLET" letters that are raised on the valve cover. The "E" & "T" both seeped oil. Summit replaced them for me no problem. Sean
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    Thank you for the reply, I just thought it was an appearance issue, now I'm concerned it might effect performance.

    When I contacted Holley, here is what their response was:
    "Looking at these pictures this is normal pitting that is expected for a cast part. While the pitting is heavier than most it still is within reason for a cast part. If you would like Summit to send you a replacement they can, but it could be the same or it could be better. Every cast is a little different. It takes a fair amount of time to grind and polish one of these, and some of the tight spots are difficult to get to. For a show quality polish job would take considerably more man hours to get, which would drive up cost of production. So to keep cost reasonable we polish to a good overall shine, but not show quality and is not advertised as such. I'm sorry you are not satisfied with the quality."

    My take on their response, was that Holley profit overrides quality & pride in workmanship, and there's no point in exchanging because you could get one just as bad or worse. I feel back about sticking it to Summit, but I guess when you have a huge market share that Holley/Weiand/Hooker/MSD etc. has, it becomes more about revenue stream than individual hot rodders.

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    Well if you decide to keep it, when you get it running, I'd get the old SOAPY WATER trick and spray heavily on the bad casting areas, to see if it bubbles under some pressure. Not just at idle, try to run it up. Also, make sure you test it when it's HOT.

    My response on the casting would be. Do you see intakes that look like this? Or wait, would you accept a BLOCK that looked like this? Or wait, would you accept HEADS that looked like this? Just looks like work done on FRIDAY AT FIVE O CLOCK BY A 5YR OLD ASIAN KID.

    I just bought a Holley EFI single plane intake and it doesn't have any pitting like that on it. It's not polished and doesn't have any pitting that I've found.
    The polish response I get. Polishing is very labor intensive. You could send to polishing company, and probably for $400ish they would make it look right.

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