It becomes tricky because circuits overlap one another. Changing the main jets without touching anything else, will change everything all together as well. I went as far as drilling out my idle feed restrictors, tapping, and drilling out blanks in .001" increments chasing the best fuel curve.

I would say 65-70% of street driving is done on the front two barrels without every opening the secondaries. Because you have four corner idle, your rear two idle adjustment screws will affect your idle & cruise AFR. When you tune with an AFR gauge, don't get so focused on getting an EXACT AFR. Your AFR can change based on AIR TEMP, FUEL PRESSURE, etc., etc. Instead watch AFR as more of a fuel curve. Also, always make sure the car is up temp before you make changes.

It will take some time & getting used to. Make one change at time. Making multiple changes will do nothing but cause headaches. There are some real good articles that I think were title "HOW TO TUNE YOUR CARB WITH EFI RESULTS". Also look up "idle feed restrictor tuning", you'll find lots of good articles on how to fine-tune carbs. Sean