Hi all,
I am new here and I had to come to the mountain to solve my problem.

Holly 4781

Leaks gas underneath the front of the carb only.

If I put my hand under the carb and run my fingers across the intake gasket my finertips are wet. (gas). Not bad. When the motor is hot it evaporates and I do not get wet fingers. After gas washes down the gasket dries up. ( 3 days later)

Cylinders are washing down. I have instant ignition when the car is started. I do have gas in oil.

The metering block and bowl has been switched many times, same results.

Everything from needle and seat to float level, accelerator pump, curb idle, poer valve and gasket are good.

I put my existing metering blocks and bowls on a different center section and everything is dry. (This center section it is only good for parts. I cannot use it. None the less when mounted on motor it runs crappy, but dry.)

This carb with the leak performs great even with the leak.\. It idles the way I want. Goes through the rpm range flawlwssly. Slow or stabbing the pedal it responds perfect. No hesitation, stumbling, no nothing. It is very responsive and I like it. I want to keep this carb. You know everything is set properly just by the description Iof how it performs.

The problem is the leak. so..........................................

Is it a cracked throttle body or base plate?

Is it the gasket between the two?

I can't get my finger deep enough in the carb to feel where it's wet inside.

How can I test each part for a crack or bad gasket.

All I can tell you for sure is, it is not in the metering block or bowl. A passage or crack or gasket is letting fuel pass from the bold down the throat and getting the intake gasket wet.