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    Default air fuel mixture

    I air fuel mixture is wrong and i need to adjust it but worried about messing it up more. So if i just wanted to lean it out a little which way do i need to turn the mixture screw. my truck stalls when i punch it and occasional backfires, and has alot of black smoke when i gun it. and sometimes when i turn the truck off it still stalls and backfires. I am worried that if i dont lean it out a little it will mess up the motor. i am planing on getting it tuned at my local speed shop, but in the mean time i would like to lean it a bit. it also only gets like 75 miles to a tank of gas, yes a tank of gas.

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    rickyr Guest


    In is lean and out is rich
    first get the engine up to temp,
    then kill it,
    then screw the screws all the way in
    and back them out 1 1/2 full turns
    restart the engine,
    with it up to temp and @ idle
    turn one in 1/4 turn then the other one in 1/4 turn
    go from one to the other 1/4 turn at a time
    until you hear a RPM drop
    then back both out 1/8 turn
    oR if you have a vacuum gauge keep all mixture screws the same amount of turns to get the highest vacuum reading
    you can

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