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Thread: Difference between a cheater plate and a big shot plate?

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    Default Difference between a cheater plate and a big shot plate?

    I bought a single 4 kit, I was told that it's a big shot kit but it has cheater solenoids. Is there a way I can tell if I have the right plate for a big shot kit?

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    a cheater plate has 8 holes in each spray bar and uses a 16000-1-snos Nitrous solenoid

    a big shot plate has 17 holes in each spray bar and uses a 16045-1-snos Nitrous solenoid

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by denn177 View Post
    i bought a single 4 kit,I was told that is a big shot kit but it has cheater solenoids .Is there a way that I can tell if I have the right plate for a big sot kit.
    Depending on the age of the plate if it is a cheater it will have a total of 16 holes 8 per bar if it is a very early version, if it is a later to current production it will have 16 holes per bar so a total of 32 holes. The Big shot Plate will have 34 holes per bar for a total of 68 and is paired with 16045NOS nitrous solenoid and a 16050NOS cheater fuel solenoid. The cheater set up will have 16000NOS nitrous solenoid and a 16050NOS fuel solenoid.
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    OK, I was just going to call and ask what I have but I found this thread. So, I'll give it a few mins to see what I can find out. I have a plate system, Im trying to sell, so I can upgrade to a fogger. It was pieced together and was told the plate was a Big Shot when I bought it. It has 17 holes per bar. Not 16 Im sure. I counted 5 times to make sure I wasnt miscounting. There are no numbers on it at all. If a BS has 34,and a cheater has 8 or 16, WTH do I have ? lol

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