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Thread: Holley Sniper EFI Timing Control Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Cabral View Post
    There must be something wrong with that adjustable rotor. Is its rotor tip at least positioned (distance & vertically) in the same spot, in relation to the cap terminal (rotor phasing issues aside)? MSD sells two different adjustable rotors (8421 & 84211). Also, have you tried replacing the two steel screws with plastic ones (non-conductive electrically)?
    Quote Originally Posted by 81 TransAm View Post
    Just a little advice. I've used the 84211 rotor. Lock tight the adjusting screw. I had it back out on me, and someone I know. This left us at the side of the road waiting for a tow home.
    Danny, physically it's the same diameter & height as either one of my stock MSD rotors. I ensured the part that contacts the center coil post is up against it. I know it's odd. The other times that the adjustable rotor was on the car, it wasn't on there long enough to loosen.

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    Default Firmware reload after enabling timing worked!!!

    FYI: We got the timing working with an MSD 8579 (Ford 289/302 without vacuum advance) distributor + 6A box after just about giving up. We set it at 45° initial and phased the rotor at 30°. It ran fairly good first try, then would barely run, had to keep gassing it, the ignition would jump all over the place, seemed like interference issues, etc. We were trying different parameter adjustments & such, followed another suggestion with a good baseline settings that may have been part of the problem, as we didn't even try it with the base settings after enabling timing control. We ran this 289 a good 250 miles without timing control prior. We were just about to flip back to no timing control, and working with the handheld somewhat accidentally reloaded the firmware from the SD card. Had to run through the Wizard again as it was a like new setup. This time left default settings for the timing, setting the max timing to 36° in the Wizard. It fired right up after this clean firmware reload attempt, idled great. I have been researching for weeks prior to even trying to enable the timing control, watching YouTube videos and reading forums, etc.

    Hope this helps someone else, as we did not see this out there but, PLEASE TRY RELOADING THE FIRMWARE clean after enabling the timing control, and see if that helps if you're an erratic condition with trying to get the timing to work. It's ran for a good 50 miles so far, fingers crossed it holds! This is on a 1964 Ford Ranchero with a 289. Please let me know if you have any questions, etc.

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