I'm a newbie at this, but the diagrams & instructions seemed doable, so long as I took my time and was careful. So I forged ahead. I rebuilt my 4160 using the kit 37-119. I also replaced the secondary diaphragm. When disassembling the carb, I did not find a secondary metering body plate gasket (#67) or secondary metering body plate (#68), so I went ahead without them. I reinstalled the carb and noticed some minor leakage. So, I installed the secondary metering body plate gasket (#67) & secondary metering body plate (#68). After much tweaking & adjusting, the closest I got was a nice easy startup, but then a serious hesitation when trying to accelerate sharply.
I continued to tweak without success. Now the current state of my carb is this:
1. Won't start at all. Seems like the primary is not getting fuel.
2. Secondary is getting flooded. In fact, even when I could get it started, it seemed like the secondary was flooding, even with the float needle all then way in.

This is on a 1981 F-150 with a 1997 (crate?) 351W. Any suggestions? Thanks.