I have a Pro-Jection 2D Digital system that runs way too rich. I added a wideband gauge kit and it shows 9.2 fuel ratio. The fuel pressure on the inlet is 14, and the return is a short 5/16 fuel line into a gas can for testing, so no restrictions. The throttle position sensor in set to the manual specs and has smooth voltage ramp up. I'm using a MSD 6AL for spark control. I want to use the O2 sensor, but can't get the system close enough. It seems to only run with dials on the ECU turned all the way down, except the idle dial. Turning them up causes the engine to stumble & die. Brand new plugs are black as coal in a few minutes. I disconnected the brown temp sensor and grounded it with little change. The system is set to small block mode. I added a relay so the ECU fires the relay to turn the pump on. It's a mild built 351W in an early Bronco. I do a lot of 4 wheeling, and have had nothing but problems with my Holley carb loading up, even though it's a tuned TA. So I thought I'd try this and I can't even get out the driveway. I'm about to stop using Holley products altogether. I'm tapped out in the money department, so I hope you can figure this out. George