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    I have a 383 SBC stroker 8.5-1 with a Weiand 144 with 8 psi of boost, and 150 shot on top. Looking for info on running Weiand 144 with NOS. Currently have MSD 6AL & MSD Boost Master pulling timing 1° starting at 3 psi. My question is how much timing to pull when spraying? Do I double up & pull timing for boost plus timing for NOS, or is pulling timing for boost cover both? Also, timing is locked out at 32°.

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    Wet nitrous? Are you going add more fuel as well?

    Pulling too much timing to combat detonation will kill potential performance gains. I would research an appropriate amount of fuel to inject with the nitrous in order to keep as much timing in the engine as possible. The nitrous would allow for a richer fuel mix and burn it better. If you are just injecting nitrous, you will end up needing to pull way too much timing leading to burnt exhaust valves. 8 psi puts your effective compression ratio at the 13:1 range which is about the best pump gas can do. Add in nitrous, now your in race gas territory and potential lean condition, which as you know on a blower engine spells death pretty quickly.

    My 142 blower on my 383 peaks a 7 psi, I'm 2.4 overdrive. 16,800 RPM. I have been looking at nitrous as a means to keep things cool. That or water/meth. When I was doing my math, 100 shot was the max I could safely use, but it had to be wet, otherwise I had to pull too much timing out. I calculated about an extra degree per pound of boost on top of the 1° I already needed just for the blower. 7 psi, that 14°. Or a total of 20° max timing. I didn't want to go that low as my exhaust temps would run very hot. So I passed on nitrous until my budget can support doing it right. I went to EFI instead, hoping to gain better tuning ability. I am a step closer as the EFI unit I have can control nitrous.

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