I recently installed an Auto Meter fuel pressure gauge. I set my regulator to 6 psi per the gauge. The pressure showed a drop to 3 to 4 psi upon acceleration. I replaced the gauge sending unit. Same problem. I sent the gauge into Auto Meter. It was returned with another sending unit and the gauge. The Auto Meter Tech said the gauge was working correctly. I replaced the gauge sending unit again and re-installed the gauge. Same problem. So I replaced my 12-150 Billet pump. The pressure now drops to zero on acceleration but is a constant 7 psi at idle. I replaced my regulator with the one included with the pump. Same problem. I cleaned my 162-551 100 micron filter and my 162-552 40 micron filter. The 100 micron (prior to pump) had a minor amount of particles in it. The 40 micron filter (after pump) had no debris in it. Same problem. I previously ran an unrestricted 3/8 fuel return line to the tank off of a bypass regulator. I changed to the supplied regulator that came with the new pump. I did not run a return line on the new regulator. I wanted to see if this made any difference. It did not. Same problem. I wonder if I possibly have the filters installed backwards in the housings? This is all that I can come up with to possibly resolve the issue. Can someone post a photo of the correct orientation of the filters in the housings or help resolve my problem?

My setup includes 2 #8 bungs on the bottom of my factory tank which feeds the 100 micron filter, electric pump, #6 line, 40 micron filter, regulator, #6 line, dual feed line, 650 double pumper. The engine is a mild 355 Chevrolet that is in a street driven Corvette. Thanks in advance, Craig

UPDATE: It seems as though the 40 micron filter was the culprit. It must have been dirtier than I first suspected. I cleaned it & reinstalled my fuel return line with a .060" restriction. Set the regulator to 6 psi. Drove it hard. Pressure dropped to 5 psi. Car ran great.