Just put in a new 383 stroker with 750 XP carb. It's in an Ultima track day type car. Was running a ZZ4, but for some reason decided on a larger engine setup! Might have gone a bit too far! Anyway, still running the engine in, but a couple of questions:

1) Fuel bowl glass sight levels. The main glass is about one quarter up the gl**** and the secondary is about halfway up the glass. Are this the right levels?
2) I get a lot of "hunting" on low revs, while driving at low speeds. How to best cure that?
3) If I brake hard or go around a corner fast, engine seems to be starved. If I stop quickly, engine will die due to no fuel. Pump good & fuel tanks good for fuel delivery.

I haven't had the carb setup at all, just out of the box so far. So guess a few tweaks are required. Any suggestions please. Paul.