The application: Accel EFI MPFI single plane manifold with EFI rails alteration to a Chevrolet LT1 based engine.
Elimination of the Chevrolet LT1 intake manifold. 4150 flange.
Fabricated 4" tube runner and throttle_body for fit under a 97 SS hood.
Cut off GEN1 manifold cooling fittings. LT1 has reverse cooling block/ head design.
Re-drilled head bolt holes for LT1 head match.
3/8-16 UNC fasteners with 15° washers for fitment.
LT1 intake gasket reused and drilled for Gen 1 manifold center bolts.
Weld on throttle body cable festoon detail.

I don't know if Holley will support the old Accel EFI manifold? B.