I've got a Holley 750 double pumper carb with a 110 GPH "Blue" fuel pump and a 12-803BP regulator. My problem is, when I go out in the morning while the engine is cold, turn on the key to get the fuel pump running, my fuel pressure is 7 PSI. Just where I want it. I start the engine and fuel pressure goes to 10.5 PSI. Way to high for me. I checked this morning, same problem. Turned the engine off (although I didn't run to get up to temp this time) pressure is 7 PSI. Started again, 10.5 PSI.

I have the fuel coming in from the rear of the carb (dual line), regulator is just before the first bowl, fuel gauge is at end of fuel line. If you guys have and ideas on what's going on I'm all ears. Here is a picture. Thanks, Carl