Here is a stumper...... have had my truck avenger 670 for a month on a 78 dodge la318 4bbl manifold
it has been running like a gem, good smooth idle at about 850 rpm.
so yesterday i fired it up(normal cold morning 25 degrees) fired right up,good high idle, i pushed accelerator to kick the idle down good low idle for 3 minutes and then it dropped idle down to like a 700 rpm stumble and barely was chugging to stay alive. every other throttle position worked fine exept the base idle. i checked the linkages fiddled opening and closing the throttle and then by itself it caught back up to nor,al speed and ran great rest of the day!?? so today same deal fired up ,good hi idle , kicked it down and then came the chugging super low idle?? i fiddled with a few revs and looked at the choke adjustment(did not adjust) and then it caught back up and idled good? what the heck? do any of you have theories on what it could be?