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Thread: '67 Dart Gen3 HEMI 82mm Turbo & 1950 F1

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    Default '67 Dart Gen3 HEMI 82mm Turbo & 1950 F1

    My main build with HP EFI, 160 lb/hr injectors, smart coils (single plug instead of dual), is my 67 Dart. Stock stroke 6.1 crank Howard's billet rods, Eagle heads, custom cam, inconel exhaust valve, psi springs Titan retainers, PTC Proglide 1.80 Reid case, 9" 40 spline Strange and the list goes on & on. 26x8.5 slicks class rules of out of Kansas City MO area. But run in multiple tracks around the Midwest MO, KS, OK, etc.

    I'm hoping to be up & running my end of March for the first race April 9th, but I'm not certain it's gonna happen. Have a few high dollar parts left yet to get. That will possibly keep me out till summer.

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    This was my Dad's 1950 F1 race truck and pro street (barely) 462 BBC 13:1, Brodix heads, 2x4 Holley Pro Dominator tunnel ram with nothing other than two Holleys on top. On gas currently. Engine's down for bearings, as it ate the mains in less than 2 passes on this, was new engine. I'll have it back together when weather breaks. No point till it's race time really. I inherited this last year from my Mom, after Dad passed. He wanted me to have it, if she didn't need to sell it. Tough to climb into, as it's quite emotional to say the least. but I do it to remember him and the passion he passed on to me. The drag racing go fast bug. Oil in my veins and will never come out.

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    Can't afford anything like either of those, although I have a '67 Dart if it ever goes back together.

    Years ago, a friend had a Ford F1, SB Chevy. This was '66-'68 or so. Loved that old truck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 440roadrunner View Post
    Can't afford anything like either of those, although I have a '67 Dart if it ever goes back together.
    Years ago, a friend had a Ford F1, SB Chevy. This was '66-'68 or so. Loved that old truck.
    Thanks man. '67 Dart has been my favorite car since I was a kid. Can't wait to get it running soon this year. Wiring up the EFI these coming days. Doing the turbo hot side as well. Then I'll send the block off for a bath & short block assembly. It's not far now.

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    Interesting wheels. Who sells 'em?

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    You know you've got a REAL turbo, when you need a sling hoist to install it!

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    I'm ready to start firmware updates for my V2 HP EFI, and the dash as well. So I can then upload my Global File I made. On the final stretch for over a year now, LOL.

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    What's the power level, and the block used in the Gen 3 Hemi? I hear stories of them not lasting in competition (X275).
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    5.7L block is what I have. I'm actually going with twin S475s now, shooting for 15-1700 HP. Rob Goss is currently using a stock 6.1L block running 4.40s in x275. Had some ignition issues that destroyed a hand full of blocks. Wasn't the blocks fault.

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