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Thread: Help With Carb Identification Please

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    Default Help With Carb Identification Please

    Hi Guys. I have a Holley 4 barrel that I would like to identify. I have struggled to find a listing for the specs I have gathered, as it has had the choke horn machined off. (To all those that remove the choke horn - please stamp, engrave, scratch or chisel some kind of List # on the carb main body, so we all don't have to waste hours to ID old carbs.)

    It looks like it's a 390/450/465 or something in between.

    It appears to be a 4160 series.

    - Primary venturi - 1 1/16"
    - Secondary venturi - 1 3/16"
    - Both conventional straight leg boosters
    - Top of both venturis have chamfered entries (like a 1850/600 vac) as opposed to a curved, more rounded entry like a 390 4bbl.

    - Primary/Secondary throttle bore both - 1 7/16".

    - Primary block has the # 4844 stamped on it.
    - It has a rear metering plate.

    - The power valve recess has three small restriction holes, as opposed to the regular 2 small to medium size holes.

    - The main body and base plate have what appears to be an additional air/idle feed channel, and restrictions unlike any other 4150/4160 I have come across.
    - This does not appear to be a Truck or 'International' carb.
    - I can try and load images if that helps.

    - I want to use it on a dead stock 302 Windsor, but I'm unsure of its original application, and don't want to spend time & money on it only to find it is a bad choice. I at least need to know the factory tune - Jet sizes etc.

    - Top marks to anyone that can identify.

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    I was hoping to have some sort of response, but unfortunately, it seems that either no one out there knew the answer, or did not think it mattered if I didn't get a response. Anyway, never mind. I found the answer to my own question. I was looking through an old 1976 Holley catalog, and thought I'd run through the listing at the back to see if I could find any 4 barrel 4160 with a # 8 rear metering plate. Low & behold there it was; a List #3220 - 455 CFM 4 barrel. All the specs matched, and further research came up with a factory fitment to a small Pontiac V8 or big straight 6. Well, there you go. It will go nicely on a STD 302 Windsor I believe.

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    OK, thought I'd jump on this thread with my question. The 3310-2 has info all over the place as being a 750 cfm and a 780 cfm. How do I find which? Yes, I know the 3310-1 is a 780, but other posts on the web say that 3310-2 can be a 780 also. Thanks for the help. Mike

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