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So currently only step "heat" & "slow" & "init", and after that it stays on "init". It warms up correctly, that's all.
At key-on (initializing) and heating, the WBO2 sensor "LED" status indicator is yellow.
Then there shouldn't be any "LED" status indicator at all (especially when engine is running).
The WBO2 sensor heating cycle will time-out (key-on/engine-off) if the engine isn't started.
When the WBO2 sensor heating cycle times-out (key-on/engine-off), it will display "init".
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Key-on/engine-off & cold, the NTK WBO2 sensor displays about 29:1 AFR. The Bosch WBO2 sensor displays about 35:1 AFR.
After turning the engine off, exhaust gases need to dissipate before seeing these full lean AFRs (key-on/engine-off & cold).