Hey all. I have a Truck Avenger 670 I'm having issues with. A little info first.
The 670 is on a AMC 401 transplanted into a 83 Jeep CJ7.
The Jeep sits on 33" tires, has 4.11 gears, and is an automatic with a manual valve body.
The 401 has been upgraded to a HEI ignition system, and when it comes to the actual internals, I'm at a lost. I bought it from a guy who bought it from another guy that "rebuilt" the engine. It does sound like the cam might not be stock, but don't take my word for it. I'm also running the stock "hi-flow" exhaust manifolds.
I've had this carb for over a year now. Last year, I was trying to get the right jets installed by reading the plugs after a hard pull, every time I looked at the plugs they were white, so I keep putting in a bigger jet. Do a hard pull and shut it off while still at full throttle, and the plugs kept showing it was lean. After a month of knowing I'm doing something wrong, I decided to have someone with experience tune it for me, he came highly recommended. I got the Jeep back and it ran great, no problems with acceleration or any bogs or stumbles. Only problem, it smelled rich the entire time I drove it. I even asked the "expert" if he replaced the jets, and he told me that they were fine, just that my float bowl was set too high.
This summer I started to replace the exhaust and decided to install an WBO2 sensor installed. Well guess what I noticed, the Air/Fuel gauge barley moved from a 10 reading. Oh and the gauge only goes down to 10 Yep it's running rich. I pulled the jets and they are the ones I put in last year #75, well so much for that "expert".
Now I'm trying to fix it myself and learn as I go, so bear with me and dumb it down, a little so I understand it.

I adjust the air/fuel mixture and the best vacuum reading I can get is 13, this is after it's warmed up and in gear.
The A/F gauge reads 13.2ish. The screws are backed out only a 3/4 turn.
The main jets are now a 66 and the secondary are still stock 89. The stock main jets are a 68.
The power valve has been upped to a 6.5, the stock is a 2.5.
The pump discharge nozzle is a 28.
The accelerator pump cam is red.
The secondary spring is a black.

At cruise, I and holding steady at 1900 rpm, my vacuum stays at 16, and my A/F gauge reads 12.5.
On hard acceleration from cruise, the A/F gauge drops to 10, but then rebounds back to 11ish.

From a dead stop, if I mash the pedal, I stall with no pop or anything.
From a dead stop, if I half pedal to 3/4 pedal it, it stumbles for a quick second and the pulls hard.

Now before I changed the main jets, I started with the stock jets first, 68, and it didn't stumble or stall.
I don't know if I got the stumble or stall when it was at the stock jets.
(This just dawned on me, I had the wife in the Jeep and she, let's say, "complains" when I act like a 16 year old.
I need to put everything back to the stock settings, and see what it does on when I floor it from a dead stop.

Is there anything I'm missing on my info, that would be helpful in me getting this thing tuned for my engine?

Once I get everything back to stock, and take it for a run I'll report back.