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    hey delvin,

    Good stuff there. What it is essentialy boiling down to is just the secondaries. In particular getting the boosters to start flowing as the secondaries start to crack open. You have clear proof that your primaries are working as they should be. The problem here is there is no transition periode fuel while the secondaries start opening.

    I started thinking holley is calling this a "TRUCK AVENGER" for a very specific reason.
    Your new Truck Avenger Carburetor has the capability to control fuel slosh and booster bleed in the following situations:
    Climbs up to 40 degrees

    Side hill maneuvers up to 30 degrees

    Steep descents up to 30 degrees
    With this being known holley has done something to control fuel dripping from the boosters while being at extreme angles. Any other series of carb leaning at that angle is dripping fuel out of the booster. I believe this why you were told "these carbs aren't made for WOT". Its almost like they have a "check valve" on the boosters or something

    Im not sure if holley has raised the booster location on these carb or using fuel blockage techniques or what, but they have done something to be able make the above claims.

    Now after knowing what is stated above "how far are you willing to go to address this issue"

    I think there are some options that may require some "open heart surgery" .
    You could open up the PVCR enough to help with the transition while the secondaries are opening. A very tedious process and you would need to find a PV that opens right when you open the throttle enough for secondaries to start opening. Lot of test and trial there. But I think it would work. I would get it to maybe open a little early so that it is a tad rich just for sec and then as the secondaries open it start to lean a little before the secondaries start to flow.

    not sure if your secondary metering block has a provision for PV or its just blocked off. If just blocked off, I would get a pv in there as well. If not you could get a metering block that is provisioned for a PV and try that. With this method and not knowing what holley has done to carb to make it a TRUCK AVENGER, replacing the metering block could negate the ability to hold high angles and not drip out the booster
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