Hi guys. I have an old Commander 950 in a sand rail, with a 1995-1996 Northstar Vin 9, L37, 300 HP out of a Deville, Eldorado, Seville. I have a stock engine harness integrated into the 950 harness using all stock plugs. I'm using all factory ignition. The only modification is open headers, big K&N & fuel pump. It was running fine, but during a wiring upgrade I lost some wires. I need a couple wires.
1: I need the Tach signal wire.
2: Also I put in a override on the fan, but then I realized after putting the override in it wouldn't kick the fans on at all. I figure I would need to put a diode in to circuit to stop the current back flow. But I think I want to go back to my factory setting and get rid or my manual fan switch. Can you let me know what wire runs the fan signal. Thanks, Virgil