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Thread: Bump Box Using SSR

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    So the diagram that S2H posted there isn't but three pinned outputs. Are the bump trigger time and the bump SSR % unpinned? And the big blue wire from the SSR go to the ECU as a PWM−?

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    The basic setup is two inputs, one output.
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    I'm wiring this up for my turbo car and I have some questions:
    The bump button will come into the Holley ECU as a "wired" ground Input, but I don't understand how all the linked Inputs & Outputs will work in the EFI software setup? Does S2H have screenshots of his "Linked Outputs" setups? I only see the "Input Triggers" & "PWM Setup". The drawing seemed straight forward until I started reading the notes about using "Non-Pin Mapped output".
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    Quote Originally Posted by S2H View Post
    This is the Three Relay Version. This is my multiple relay version with a bump that you can set the timer & frequency.
    Takes 3 relays. 2 that are normal, and one Holley "Nitrous Driver" (which is a solid state relay) for PWM.
    I'm setting up my transbrake and bump using V5 staging and the relay setup like this. I have a question about the time function in the staging I/O. I was expecting that it would auto calculate based on the frequency and duty cycle settings, but it remains at .999 sec. Do I need to calculate it like what Scott has described elsewhere and manually enter it? Or just leave it alone? I'm assuming if I leave it at .999 then I shouldn't be hitting the bump button more than once per second.

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    This is by far the best I've come across. You can control it and make it so smooth:

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