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    This may be a very stupid question to ask, but here it goes. I recently purchased the Holley Ultra Pumper and stopped by a Jegs store on vacation, and purchased a fuel line for the carb. I go home and attempt to place the line on the carb, only to find that it does not fit. The fittings on the bowls are much too small for the line, and the holes in the bowls are much too large when the fittings are removed. The Jegs "specialist" said this was the line I had to use, because the ultra carbs require a special type. The Jegs part number is 110835. Is there an adapter that I could use to utilize this line? I'm extremely disappointed.

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    All I see is Holley part #34-150.
    You should post the model number of the carburetor.
    Holley has strange names for the carbs, so part numbers are better.

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    Here's the link. Thanks for the reply!

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    My brain hurts.

    The Jegs part #110835 says it's for a Ultra HP carb.
    There's no such carb. Ultra & HP are 2 different models.

    Jegs does not say what size fitting is on the #110835.
    They say it could be -08 (3/4-16) or 7/8-20 or 9/16-24.

    So, the carb you have is #0-76750bk.
    With (2) 5/8-18 inverted flare fuel fittings, that are 9.5" from center to center.
    #34-150 is the fuel line to use.

    The Jegs fuel line is most likely 9/16-24.
    You say that when you remove the fittings from the carb.
    The Jegs line is too small to fit.

    I think you need a 9/16-24 to 5/8-18 inverted flare.
    There is no such fitting.

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    So basically, Jegs sold me a line that will not work in my application, and there's no fitting to adapt the line to the carb...bummer. Thanks for the help!

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