I spent $3200 and purchased a 174 Weiand blower for a small block Ford from Jegs and was very upset with this kit. #1 The kit did not come with the spacer I needed. #2 The spacer I needed cost another $147 and did not fit. It was not machined to the correct size, and required extra machining to turn to size. #3 All the tapped holes in the manifold are completely different and located in dumb places like tight under the blower snout where you can't get to them. #4 The blower snout runs into the DUI distributor and makes it useless. #5 The blower snout also runs right into the stock Ford upper radiator hose and radiator outlet, that required the radiator to be changed to a Chevy style outlet. #6 The stock Ford thermostat housing has to be changed to a swivel type because of clearance. #7 The new electric fans that were puller type had to be junked, and a new 16 inch pusher type had to be mounted in front, due to no clearance of crank hubs. So to make a long story short, this is far from a bolt-on kit. It's poorly engineered and nothing fit as described. I have spent over $700, over & above the price of the blower and would not advise anybody to purchase.