I just fired up my 6.0L turbo LS for the first time with the Holey Dominator EFI.
I'm using DBW, and I started with the custom calibration "Turbo LSx 364ci 850 HP 20 PSI DBW 4L80E WM".
I tweaked some of the parameters to fit my setup better - eliminate Transmission & W/M ICFs, and
made sure the correct 120 lb injectors I'm running are selected in the tune, among other minor tweaks that made sense.
My issue is that the thing idles BAD, basically it won't hold an idle at all & stalls. I need to learn how to tune the idle area.
If this was a carb I would have NO PROBLEMS getting it running perfect, LOL.
Can someone point me to some good reading on how to tackle this? Barrett