Getting ready to take possession of a newly built engine with a Weiand 144. He is a friend of mine, and I trust him. He's had this supercharged 355 for a year now (he didn't build it). Normal driving it uses no oil, but at highway driving (higher RPMs) he's losing a quart every couple hundred miles! He's been all over that engine, and only can find some slight oil dampness at the valve covers and some "oil mist" on his hood. He has gone from a PVC type ventilation, to 2 breathers on the valve covers, but no change. He's had people follow him down the highway, and there is no visible smoke to indicate it's burning through the cylinders. He runs 80 lbs of oil pressure, 40# at idle, seems kind of high. We are stumped! We wonder if the crankcase has too much pressure. He said it's almost like it's vaporizing the oil since he can't seem to find any major leak. How are these things best ventilated? He admits it's a trailer queen, and the boost is set for max with the pulleys. I will detune with other pulleys, will that help? What to start looking for or to do?