Hi, I'm a newbie when it comes to blowers and an looking to the future and just after some information.

For starters, I want a blown engine. A 177 or similar, but before I start gathering the parts, I need/want to know exactly what will run the best.

I'm running a SBC 350, I already have AFR 210 heads (CNC ported off the shelf), but I will be purchasing a new bottom end shortly.
But what would be the best capacity to make the blower do its best work with the heads? 383 cid? 400 cid?

It will be a street engine, however, I really don't mind if it's a bit nasty & high strung. It won't be driven often, and will be running a hydraulic roller cam of some description (don't know profile, will get custom grind to whatever is recommended to me) so I'm guessing max rev range to 7000 RPM.

Sorry if this seems a bit odd or I left stuff out, everything made sense in my head when I was thinking about it earlier, but has come out a bit like gibberish while I'm typing! Thanks.